Heather McNeill: Singer / Song Writer 

This page provides a brief insight into the journey which has led me to publish a website of my own.   

Several years ago after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I found myself jolted into re-evaluating my life situation and realised that every single day is a gift. I was very fortunate to recover and resolved to allow myself the time and space to do those things that previously, I felt I didn't have time for.  I decided to learn to play the guitar, which took a while! Then I plucked up courage to sing and play at local sing-a-rounds. I was always encouraged to continue and received lots of helpful advice from lovely, talented musicians and singers in the North West of England. That encouragement in turn, inspired me to start writing my own songs. Personal experience influenced me at first, but then I would be intrigued by stories I discovered, and information passed to me by others. In 2015, I completed my first CD of twelve of my own songs. Since then, a Christmas Song has also been produced as a single CD.